May 21, 2019

Last Chance for FREE Symposium Registration!

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                          ANEW Way Forward: Innovations in Interprofessional Training Using Integrated                                                                Behavioral Models in Primary Care Symposium

On behalf of the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing’s A4CP: APRNs for Community Practice program and the National Center for Integrated Behavioral Health (NCIBH), we invite you to attend our inaugural symposium entitled ANEW Way Forward: Innovations in Interprofessional Training Using Integrated Behavioral Health Models in Primary Care.
The ANEW Symposium seeks to generate a collaborative learning community for researchers and practitioners in behavioral health and primary care settings by addressing integrated behavioral health gaps in primary care workforce training.
                        This one-day event will be held in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday, June 1, 2019.
The 2019 symposium will consist of lectures and CME/CNE seminar sessions from national experts in the field of integrated behavioral health.

Registration for the symposium is FREE. Please register through this link.

Registration for continuing education opportunities during the symposium is FREE and now open. Please register for the symposium first and then register for the breakout sessions here

Please review the website for important conference information including registration details, conference agenda, and break-out sessions.

                                        We look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia in June!