High quality primary care treatment for mental health and substance use disorders

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The need for change

Our mission is to prepare primary care clinicians with the expertise and leadership for integrated behavioral health care.

Mental health and substance use disorders are major public health challenges in the US. Primary care providers are most often the first point of contact for patients, thus the critical need to enhance their capacity to provide behavioral health care.

Persistent workforce challenges, fragmented care patterns, and financial barriers lead to inadequate treatment and disparities in health outcomes. Navigating a siloed health care system is often daunting and burdensome for patients and their families. Primary care providers are critically-positioned to identify and respond to mental health and substance use disorders, but current education programs do not adequately train clinicians in existing evidence-based best practices.

Core Objectives
  1. Identify and disseminate best practices of scalable inter-professional integrated behavioral health training in primary care.
  2. Enable implementation of integrated behavioral health training and practice models in primary care.
  3. Catalyze co-learning and research in a Community of Practice innovation hub.
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