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COVID-19: An ACP Physician's Guide and Resources

Subjects: Clinical, Research, Introductory, Education Type: Online Trainings, Toolkits, Technical Assistance, Websites, Implementation Guides Tags: Covid 19, Burnout, Resilience, Screening, Assessment, Administrative, Slides, Support, Workflow, Training, Telehealth, Public Health, Operational

This guide and its collected national resources support physicians as they respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. Use the menu to jump to specific chapters, or read through for a comprehensive overview of care. 

Curated content edited and text authored by Davoren Chick, MD, FACP. The individuals in control of content for this educational activity have nothing to disclose. To submit resources for consideration, provide details of the added value and accessibility at: https://forms.acponline.org/webform/covid-19-suggestions