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Telehealth to Support Primary Care During COVID-19

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The emergence of COVID-19 has required an unprecedented and precipitous shift in how health care is delivered in the United States. Social distancing, fear of infection, and health care providers sidelined by mandatory quarantine present challenges to traditional clinical care at a time when the need for services is rapidly escalating. Recognizing these challenges, federal and state governments have recently issued waivers to support telehealth utilization, removing limitations and restrictions on service coverage, location, and modality.   

Technology and telehealth may be particularly well-suited for use in primary care, where the need for services like chronic disease management and preventative medicine remain, but risk of infection or access issues related to COVID-19 have made office visits a diminishing option. As part of the webinar series Emergency Health Workforce Policies to Address COVID-19, the Fitzhugh Mullan Institute for Health Workforce Equity presents a webinar on how telehealth is being used to support primary care practice in the wake of COVID-19. Moderated by Dr. Guenevere Burke with the Mullan Institute, the webinar features Dr. Sanjeev Arora, Founder and Director of Project ECHO and Dr. Robert Phillips with the American Board of Family Medicine as panelists.