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Primary Care and COVID-19

The Primary Care Collaborative is carrying out its mission to unify and engage diverse stakeholders in promoting policies and sharing best practices that support the growth of high-performing primary care as clinicians address the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19. 

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PTSD Screening and Referral: For HealthCare Providers

Use of a PTSD screen increases a health care provider's ability to detect PTSD and to initiate appropriate referral. The VA suggests specific strategies here that health care providers can use to improve outcomes for patients with PTSD.

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COVID-19 Addiction Medicine Resources

To address the urgency of the COVID-19 situation, ASAM is providing addiction medicine resources in real-time as they develop. Physicians should use their personal and professional judgment in interpreting these guidances and applying them to the particular circumstances of their individual patients and practice arrangements.

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AMA Physician's Guide to COVID-19

Official guidance has grown exponentially and best practices change rapidly as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve. That’s why the AMA has carefully curated critical advice from trusted sources like CDC, JAMA and the WHO into a quick-start guide for physicians.

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